Haverhill High School VIP

Listening to students’ voices is more important now than ever, as decision makers at all levels contemplate plans for the rest of the remote learning period and the transition back to campus.

Throughout Winter 2021, students from the Haverhill High School Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) program engaged in weekly conversations to identify the most pressing concerns related to remote and hybrid learning and identify proposed solutions. They authored a report documenting their ideas titled “Students’ Priorities for Recovery and Beyond.” They then submitted their report to and met with local education decision makers. Going forward, they plan to use this work as a foundation for launching a new student voice coalition in their school and for partnering with school administrators to apply for a state-funded grant to make their school safer and more supportive for all students.

Chelsea and Gabby discuss why the Haverhill High School VIP Report: “Student Priorities for Recovery and Beyond” was created.