Jaylee prepared testimony for the Massachusetts legislature in both 2020 and 2022

Jaylee’s 2022 Statement

My name is Jaylee. This is my second time testifying. I am now a senior – set to graduate in June and planning to attend art school next year.

I’m on the right path. However, not all my friends and classmates are going to see graduation day. Some dropped out, others passed away. It’s devastating because I know they had the potential to graduate. I’m speaking today because I care about all these students and I want them to have the support they need.

Jaylee’s 2020 Statement

If there were more opportunities for us to tell you what is really important to our learning, I think one thing you would hear over and over again is ‘it’s all about the relationships.’

I’m here to ask you to help make my high school a safe and supportive place for everyone. I believe an important step to doing this is listening to our perspectives on what it’s like to attend our school and what we think can be done to help us learn and prepare for our lives ahead.