Taeyah prepared testimony for the Massachusetts legislature in both 2020 and 2022

Taeyah’s 2022 Statement

My name is Taeyah, and I‘m finally a senior at Haverhill High School getting ready to graduate and start my path to College and possibly Law school.

Why do I have to be talking about the same topics all over again? I have to reemphasize them again because there is none of that anymore, it doesn’t exist at school. Back then, I had great connections with my teachers. I always spoke to them and communicated with them when I had issues. This year, I am having trouble talking to my instructors.

Taeyah’s 2020 Statement

My name is Taeyah and I’m a sophomore. My dream is to join the Marine Corps, and to take on the challenge of becoming a female drill instructor.

I’m excited for my future, but there was a time in my life when I didn’t feel as I do now. I could be in this room, full of people, and I would feel completely alone. I struggled with my mental health and I was bullied. Because of all I’ve been through, I would do everything I could to avoid people. I’d just stay in my bubble where I felt safe